Learn about AstronomyHere you will find a collection of articles that will enable you to learn more about astronomy. You will understand different aspects of the universe, what this science does and what are the disciplines that support the discoveries that have been made.

On the following pages, the passionate about astronomy will learn about the history and moments of importance to the development of what is considered to be today modern astronomy. Science and technology behind observational astronomy employs techniques used to look and analyze different stars and galaxies in the Universe.

The solar and planetary astronomy section will reveal facts about the planets that gravitate around the Sun. The stellar astronomy section explains the formation of stars. The galactic and extragalactic chapter will provide insights into the different types of galaxies, while the cosmology chapter reveals the scale of the already known and unknown parts of the Universe.

Astronomy gives you the opportunity to understand aspects of the universe we see every day, but also aspects of physics that are not immediately obvious. After you read this article you will be able to understand more about the stars you see in the sky and what happens inside them, but also many things about galaxies that are very far away. The same laws apply for life on Earth, so understanding what happens in the universe will also reveal a few things about how this planet was formed. If you have some time, and want to have a new way to look at the universe around you, you will enjoy reading the following pages.